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Production Management

Our production management team is the one responsible for keeping every other team in line and communicating with each other. Without their management, it would have been much more difficult for the various teams to work together.

Set Design and Build + Puzzles

The set design team is the group of people responsible for the physical aspects of the escape room, from the physical puzzles to the design of the room itself.

Writing and Lobby Design/Build

This team is tasked with creating a majority of the writing found in and around the escape room, including what you’re reading right now. They’re also in charge of designing the lobby of the escape room.

Marketing and Ticketing

They’re in charge of the design and upkeep of this website, ticket sales, and the distribution of promotional material throughout WPI.

Software and Electronics/Puzzles

This team built the lighting and sound systems used in the escape room. They’re the ones who made the hint system, so make sure you thank them after you win.

House Management and Running Crew

This is the group you’ll see the most of during your escape. They’re in charge of running the escape room shows, as well as fixing anything that breaks between groups.

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